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We specialize in solving CO and NOx emmissions issues. Our years of engineering experience as SCR system suppliers has created a unique skillset that we have translated into practical field services including:

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Improving SCR Performance
Our analysis, design and testing services for SCR systems help to optimize performance, reduce ammonia slip and usage, and extend the life of existing catalysts.
AIG Tuning & Design Services
An AIG (Ammonia Injection Grid) is used to distribute ammonia/air mixture into exhaust flue, upstream of SCR catalyst. Our testing services are used to confirm the performance and make onsite adjustments. We also offer detailed engineering and CFD modeling services to upgrade existing systems for enhanced performance.
CO & SCR Catalyst Replacement Support
We provide CO and SCR replacement support from specification development, bid evaluations, project management and onsite installation construction management support.
SCR Solutions conducts detailed inspections of SCR systems to identify areas that may contribute to poor SCR performance (high stack NOx and ammonia slip). SCR Solutions can provide turnkey repairs to bring the systems back into compliance.
SCR Expert Solutions

Fluid Flow and CFD Modeling

Poor flow distribution can have huge effect on system performance. CFD modeling is an effective economical means to identify AND fix flow problems. Poor flow, ammonia and temperature distribution can affect:

  • CO catalyst performance
  • SCR performance
  • NOx reduction
  • Ammonia Slip
SCR Solutions has in-depth experience in CFD modeling and applying it to real-world problems for significant performance improvements! 
Our Projects

Expert Emission Solutions for Our Power and Industrial Clients

Here are just a few projects we've delivered emission expertise on:
What Sets Us Apart

25+ Years Experience

The SCR Solutions team has been in the SCR design and supply business for over 25 years. We have in-depth knowledge of ammonia storage, forwarding and vaporization systems, AIG designs, CO and SCR catalyst and many other details that comprise SCR systems. We have taken this knowledge on the road to help optimize and troubleshoot any type of SCR system including simple cycle, combined cycle, coal-fired systems and smaller package systems on boilers and reciprocating engines.
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