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Power plants need efficient flue gas cleaning methods to reduce CO, NOx and maintain NH3. (ammonia) slip. Our SCR (selective catalytic reduction) services use years of hands-on experience to solve problems with poor flow, ammonia or temperature distributions in high reduction applications.

SCR Testing & Optimization
Poor flow distribution can have huge effect on system performance.
aig design and testing
​AIG Tuning & Design Services
AIGs should be designed with ability to tune as much as possible. Systems designed with no tuning capability have very limited flexibility.
Project Highlight // Long Beach, CA

Large-Scale SCR Catalyst Retrofit

SCR Solutions worked for 2+ years to develop this complicated LM6000 SCR retrofit project in Long Beach, CA. Work included inspections, CFD modeling, detailed engineering to fabricate and install new perforated plate, catalyst frames, supports, and AIG. SCR Solutions also provided onsite field supervision of the retrofit work. After the work was completed, we also did a performance test. Their stack NOx, CO and ammonia slip were all dramatically reduced from their previous operations. Overall this project was a huge success

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Here are just a few projects we've delivered emission expertise on:
Recent Press // CCJ

Improve NH3 Distribution To Reduce NOx And Ammonia Slip

"A unique field test method combined with sophisticated CFD analysis suggested modifications for improving distribution of ammonia through the SCR catalyst modules to improve NOx reduction and ammonia slip."